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The approach is to first understand how each client organization needs (or wants) to work. By focusing first on the people and their activities and creating a building that will support those activities, clients are provided with a space, a design and a building shape that best suits their objectives and corporate image. This holistic approach integrates design, engineering and construction disciplines into a single team, and aligns each stage of design and construction with the final goals of the project. By taking the role of Lead Consultant for the project team, We ensure that this approach will achieve… Time and Cost savings as well as High quality in delivery while creating a Strong corporate image and Spatial flexibility and modularity for future expansion and re-adaptation By taking the role of Lead Consultant for the project team,

Interior Design

FINER EDGE creates design concepts that perform as business solutions for our Clients. We integrate a company’s business requirements, image, and staff needs with advanced workplace strategies and design that are flexible, technology responsive, and quickly delivered at the right price and at appropriate quality levels.

We are focused on maximizing our Client’s investment in their premises and the people they serve by offering services that add value to that investment.

At FINER EDGE, our designs do more than provide our Client’s with a beautiful work space. Our designers are experts in furniture and material selection and in the coordination of information technologies, telephony technologies and building services technologies that are the heart of a world class workplace

Urban Planning

FINER EDGE believes that the need of the hour is sustainable development. With increasing population and growing pollution, we can’t ignore the ill effects of planning on the environment.

Thus, our urban planning takes care of the following:

  • Utilizing the present resources keeping in mind the future needs of the society, so as not to exhaust the resources.
  • It should not disturb the ecological cycle and hence preserve the environment

Sustainable Projects

Sustainability is a fully integral facet of design; a basic value rather than an afterthought. Our approach thus equates sustainable design with effective, efficient design. Rather than getting by with less, sustainability means getting more from space, material, energy and resources. It means a healthier, safer, more productive and attractive workspace which can improve brand perception and even serve as a key tool in recruiting and retaining key talent. Ultimately, a well-designed sustainable workplace provides a positive return on investment.

At FINER EDGE, the in-house GRIHA Evaluators and trainers, LEED Accredited Professionals and Green Mark Managers integrate with project teams to achieve targeted certification standards, to match clients’ sustainable business goals.

Our combined strengths in design, engineering, construction and sustainability, allow seamless multi-services integration via a single point of responsibility.

By managing LEED certification of clients’ premises, FINER EDGE registers, administers and delivers the highest LEED rating at possible within pre-defined budgets and without compromise to the clients’ business or project objectives